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New Construction Information


Area Builders:


Lenders Who do Construction Loans/Land Loans:



Things to consider before building:

  • Do you have the time required for new construction build time?
  • Are you okay paying HOA’s?
  • Lot size vs. desired home footprint/backyard size/RV parking needs
  • Don’t settle on the lot just because it’s the last one – it is the city you want? The location you want (close to busy roads or railroad tracks)?
  • Not all construction companies are the same, check:
    • Reputation of the builder
    • Floor plans available
    • Standard features vs features that will have an additional cost
    • How willing are they to make exceptions or changes on their design?
  • Budget for more than that cost of a specific floor plan – there will likely be additional amenities that you want that you will get charged for, also closing costs and fees.
  • Build and design with resale in mind
  • During the construction process you will likely want to refrain from making other large purchases to keep your credit score up
  • Build with your future in mind. Make sure you have the space and the money to grow
  • You likely can’t make changes during the building process without a fee – be sure all changes are made during the design phase
  • Don’t let your dream home cloud your reality