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Market Update Idaho Market Update The number one question we are asked is, “How is the Market?”   Our clients and those thinking about making a move here in North Idaho are always interested.   Is it a good time to buy? Sell? Build? Invest?  It’s one of our favorite discussions.  Real Estate is dynamic and markets are always changing. There are […]
Real Estate Trends How is the North Idaho Market? How is our local Real Estate Market?  What can we expect for our market for the rest of the year?  WHat are the indicators to watch ? Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner shares his insights in the Gardner Report. ECONOMIC OVERVIEW Following a trend that started last fall, job growth in Idaho continues to moderate. […]
Real Estate Trends Idaho Market Update How does Idaho compare nationally and what can we expect for the rest of this year?     If you are wondering about the market, you are at the right spot!  Because we spend a lot of time digging into the information that will give good insight into our market and how it may effect […]
Real Estate Trends Four Reasons to Sell This Winter Maybe Winder is the best time for you to consider selling? With Demand remaining high in our area combined with low inventory which continues to drop, this winter might just be a great combination of factors making it an ideal time for you to sell.  A balanced market will sit at six months of inventory.  […]
Costs and Spending Inventory shortage means good news for sellers. If you’re like me, when you started the buying process you might have wondered why some houses are so outrageously priced and others are not. There are many factors that come in to play such as mortgage rates and availability, economic growth and personal demographics. But when prospective buyers are shopping their market, the one […]
Real Estate Trends June Snapshot – Kootenai County! Summertime in North Idaho and our market remains Healthy!  Have any questions about buying or selling? Wondering if its the right time for you? Contact us and lets discuss it and let us provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision to move forward or to wait.  We are here to help!  […]
Real Estate Trends How will this election effect our Real Estate Market? Election season is here.  Will this next election have an impact on our real estate market?  Here is what Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, has to say about this subject. Here in North Idaho we are enjoying a very healthy real estate market and we all want to see this continue.  I know we all have […]
Real Estate Trends Buyer Fatigue – Is it Real? Our market is healthy here in North Idaho and if you are looking for homes in certain price ranges, the fatigue is real!  The competition is fierce.  So many buyers competing for a small number of homes not only stressful but exhausting. Finding the right home and ready to make an offer just to find […]
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