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Costs and Spending Increase Your Buying Power Buying a home can sound like a pretty daunting idea, especially in our current market. However, there are ways to empower yourself by strengthening your financial standing. It’s all a numbers game when buying a house. The following categories are items that lenders will look at to determine your eligibility for a loan. Review them […]
Costs and Spending Which Type Of Home Is Right For You? Deciding which type of home is best for you – house, condominium, townhouse or apartment – can be a struggle. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, it all depends on your life and specific circumstances. But it’s best to know the differences and how it will align with your life before making the […]
Costs and Spending Should I Sell In Winter? We get asked that question frequently. Or if a property is already on the market, sellers often ask if they should take it off. There are arguments as well as pros and cons for both schools of thought. We’ll break down each side to help you make the decision on if you should list your […]
Costs and Spending Home Features Every Buyer Wants Whether you’re buying, selling, building or remodeling – it’s good to know the home features that every buyer is looking for. Especially if you’re remodeling or building and plan to resale, some of these items may make or break your real estate transaction. What Not To Do Let’s first start with a quick list of […]
Best of CDA 7 Easy Tips To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Spinning We all love our garbage disposal but when it breaks down, it definitely becomes a love/hate relationship. We’ve scoured the blogs and professional opinions and we have a short list of ways to keep your disposal grinding away. Really think about what you’re putting in there. Most food should be alright, but take note if […]
Costs and Spending Choosing the Right Area to Live Things to think about when choosing the right place for you and your family to live   Lifestyle: First thing you would want to consider, before ever looking at homes, is the lifestyle you lead. Think about the things you would need in an area that you couldn’t live without. Do you want to live […]
Costs and Spending Rules for Saving & Paying Down Debt Saving money can be such a challenge for most of us.   When it comes time to buy a home or invest in real estate it can become even more of a struggle.   With mortgage financing, we must be sure to keep our debts low, while having  enough assets on hand to get our loan approved.  […]
Costs and Spending Homeowners Exemption                         When buying a home for the first time you most likely want to save money any chance you get. It can seem like an overwhelming and never ending drain on your bank account. When you finally close on your new home you probably […]
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Costs and Spending New Year, New House? Now that 2018 is finally here, resolutions and goals seem to be all anyone is talking about. If one of your resolutions is to be a first-time buyer then here are a few tips to help you make that a resolution that doesn’t fall by the wayside. Maybe your resolutions don’t involve buying, maybe it […]
Costs and Spending Appliance Purchasing Tips to Avoid the Buyers Remorse Were back after a shot hiatus with some wonderful germ that my granddaughter brought home. This week we have for you some helpful tips for your appliance purchasing adventures. Read these before you decide to update those awesome brown-ish kitchen appliances. Together were going to tackle the ups and downs of showroom shopping from; love […]
Costs and Spending Inventory shortage means good news for sellers. If you’re like me, when you started the buying process you might have wondered why some houses are so outrageously priced and others are not. There are many factors that come in to play such as mortgage rates and availability, economic growth and personal demographics. But when prospective buyers are shopping their market, the one […]
Costs and Spending January’s Market Update – Is this a good time to sell? Is this a good time to sell? Here is your housing snapshot for January 2017  showing an increase of 10% in median home prices and time on market down 5% in Kootenai County.   If you are a seller who is on the fence about putting your home on the market, this snapshot is a […]
Costs and Spending 5 Myths Buyers Have About Mortgages 5 Mortgage Myths Many Buyers or 1st Time Buyers Have Borrowers still have a lot of confusion when it comes to mortgages; from closing costs to minimum down payment requirements and questions over credit scores. Some mortgage myths are even preventing some would-be home buyers from entering the market too. Read more: Buyers Overestimate Mortgage Requirements […]