Best of CDA Tindall Top 3 – Snow North Idaho is B-E-A-U-tiful and its known for its mountains, lakes and abundant beauty.  Its also known for it’s snow!   There is plenty to know about snow and here are some resources to tap into that will keep you informed and prepared.   The Statistics In Coeur d’Alene the average amount of snow that falls […]
Best of CDA Upcoming Theater Shows There is no question, the theater scene is not lacking here in Coeur d’Alene! There are numerous amazing shows to attend, year round.  Because there are 3 different venues just in one city, you have plenty to choose from. In addition, there are 7 different shows scheduled within the next couple of months, check them […]
Best of CDA Snow Much Fun Are you craving some snow fun this winter? We are, since there hasn’t been much snowfall! But, there is snow up in the mountains. And you may not know, the areas ski resorts often have fun events. Check out a few below and enjoy your winter with us.     Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation […]
Helpful Tips Idaho’s Top Industries When one thinks of Idaho’s top industries, they will likely automatically go to potatoes. Although we do supply around 1/3 of the country’s potatoes, that’s not all Idaho has to offer. If you’re thinking about moving over to the great state of Idaho, but wonder if you will find a job in your industry, check […]
Costs and Spending Home Features Every Buyer Wants Whether you’re buying, selling, building or remodeling – it’s good to know the home features that every buyer is looking for. Especially if you’re remodeling or building and plan to resale, some of these items may make or break your real estate transaction. What Not To Do Let’s first start with a quick list of […]
Helpful Tips Don’t Forget! Top 6 Overlooked Winterizing Tasks As a homeowner, you likely already have a checklist of items you need to complete before the snow stays. But, there are a few items that you may have forgotten about. Don’t let these items go unchecked or you may have unnecessary headache and expense in the future. Below are 6 tasks that should be […]
Best of CDA Whats Happening This December! It’s almost December and if you know us even a little bit, you know we love the holidays! For those of you excited for all of December’s activities as well- Here is a list of all the fun things we could find in the local area. Happy Holidays from John & Tracey Tindall 1 DEC […]
Best of CDA 7 Easy Tips To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Spinning We all love our garbage disposal but when it breaks down, it definitely becomes a love/hate relationship. We’ve scoured the blogs and professional opinions and we have a short list of ways to keep your disposal grinding away. Really think about what you’re putting in there. Most food should be alright, but take note if […]
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Market Update Idaho Market Update The number one question we are asked is, “How is the Market?”   Our clients and those thinking about making a move here in North Idaho are always interested.   Is it a good time to buy? Sell? Build? Invest?  It’s one of our favorite discussions.  Real Estate is dynamic and markets are always changing. There are […]
CDA is Awesome Leaf Fest 2019 It’s that beautiful time of year again here in Coeur d’Alene… Fall!   With Fall comes all of the beautiful and colorful leaves that we love and enjoy for about the first 2 weeks.  After they have fallen off the trees, the fun begins with leaves all over our yards and driveways.  We then being […]
Helpful Tips North Idaho Winter Driving Preparation Here in beautiful North Idaho we are lucky to have 4 very distinct seasons. Everybody loves the warmth of Summer, the freshness of Spring, the colors of Fall, and the coziness of Winter. With winter comes SNOW and that can mean snow storms!  Driving in the snow and knowing how to be prepared for winter […]
First Time Home Buyer 12 Mistakes That Can Derail Closing Day For Buyers Buying your first home? Maybe you have done this before and just assume lending is pretty straight forward? Avoid these common mistakes that can blindside a buyers mortgage and closing day!   Lending is a complicated business with a number of moving parts and many rules that can make the difference between a happy closing day […]
Fall The North Idaho Hunting Experience Idaho hunting is some of the best around! 20.4 million acres of the state is National Forest, which is approximately 40%. There’s more than enough room for every type of hunter. There are different seasons for different types of animals, such as big game (deer, elk, bear, mountain lion, wolf, etc.), sheep, goat, moose, turkey, […]
Fall Fall Home Maintenance The purchase of a home will likely be the biggest invest anybody will make in their life. Our homes are the centers of our lives because they hold everything and everyone important to us. Our top priorities are taking care of that invest.  Winter is a harsh season here in North Idaho as a result […]
Best of CDA We all Need a Break – Labor Day Many enjoy Labor Day as a day off from work and the last bit of fun before summer ends. Many forget what it is we are celebrating… it was first created by the labor movement and is dedicated to the contributions and achievements of American workers. That day is set aside for the American worker […]
First Time Home Buyer Top 3 Fears for First Time Home Buyers Buying your first home is a BIG DEAL.  But it may not be as “scary” as you thought! We have helped tons of first time home buyers get into their first homes.  Time and time again, the concerns, misconceptions and fears we discuss are the same. Here are just 3 we hear all the time […]
!TINDALL FAVES! Tindall Faves: Burgers The all-American classic: the burger. A lakeside town tucked in next to the Rockies is just the place you’d expect to have a great burger scene, and Coeur d’Alene does not disappoint.           Nosworthy’s Hall of Fame Once again, Nosworthy’s is our favorite all around establishment.  They are known for their […]
Helpful Tips Fire Safety As fire season continues, it’s good to take a moment and review some fire safety tips for both in the home and while outdoors. Having the basic knowledge may help prevent a home fire or a wildfire.     Outdoors Below are 3 steps to follow when you have a fire outdoors: Picking Your Campfire […]
Real Estate Trends How is the North Idaho Market? How is our local Real Estate Market?  What can we expect for our market for the rest of the year?  WHat are the indicators to watch ? Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner shares his insights in the Gardner Report. ECONOMIC OVERVIEW Following a trend that started last fall, job growth in Idaho continues to moderate. […]
Helpful Tips Boating Safety One thing you can almost be sure of is at some point you will find yourself on a boat during the summer here in North Idaho. With the numerous amount of lakes and rivers, it’s near impossible not to enjoy boat life, even if it’s only for a day. Whether you’re an avid boater, only […]