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Don’t fly away this summer, Stay and Play in Idaho

Not sure what to do this summer? It seems like the most common thing to do is to book a trip to some tropical beach get away in an exotic country. The beach is nice, but I’m an Idaho girl. I love the mountains. I prefer the smell of earthen mountain air and lush greens forests overhead. But to each their own. I’ve compiled a small list of local getaways that can make you feel like you’re on an amazing vacation in your own back yard! Here is a short list of 8 destinations to help you stay and play in Idaho.



 North Idaho is full of places to camp that are surrounded by lush forests and mountain lakes. From convenient campgrounds to day long treks into high-mountain lakes, Idaho has it all. Our typical camping trips involved loading up before the sun was up, driving for a few hours and then hiking into a high mountain lake (like the ones in the Selkirks). the hikes would sometimes take hours, but typically there were no shortages of huckleberries along the way.  The link below provides an in-depth list of some camping spots in the area.

Bed & Breakfast

Coeur d’Alene has tons of little mom and pops B&B’s. The one pictured below, however is the Roosevelt Inn. The first permanent schoolhouse in CDA that was established in 1905 is now one of the most prominent in the area.  We stayed here for our wedding about 5 years back. The staff were wonderful and the interior and decor didn’t disappoint. 



The largest theme and water park in the northwest, Silverwood is home to 6 rollercoasters and 66 total rides including a steam train around the premises and numerous water rides. Next door is Boulder Beach, a large water park with tons of slides and rivers . Out side of the parks gates is a large RV park for the out of state visitors. The park features representational rides illustrate our regions roots in the frontier. It opened in 1988 and has supplied our area tons of jobs and about 80 million in revenue last year alone. 

Glacier National Park

Just a couple of hours away from Coeur d’Alene. Glacier has of places to camp, hike and swim. there are even a few hotels in the park. It is my personal opinion that you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place. I have to admit that I’m a little jealous of Montana. I wish it were in my home state, but being neighbors is good enough. 


One of my favorite places to get knee deep in some fresh powder during the winter. Schweitzer Mountain is also a beautiful destination during the summer with tons of things to do. Hiking, mountain biking, music and beer festivals just to name a few. With many accomodation options like rentals or lodge stays, you are sure to be met with views that will take your breath away.. 



Coeur d’Alene Resort

Seven stories tower above the lake set in front of Tubb’s Hill. The Coeur d’Alene Resort has been standing high since 1973 and has since been the face of Coeur d’Alene. This resort has some shopping inside its walls, rooms with a view and is home to the worlds first and only floating green at the Coeur d’Alene Golf Course.

Lookout Pass

2011 blessed Lookout Pass with the highest snowfall in the world at 6.5 feet in a 7 day period. For obvious reasons, adored amongst locals for it’s smaller crowds and crazy amounts of powder during the winter, don’t rule it out for summer either. When the mercury starts rising, Lookout takes over The Route of the Hiawathas, a 15-mile rail trail bike path. Handfulls of Train tunnels and 7 trestle bridges. 

Silver Mountain

Perched over Kellog, Silver Mountain has tons of activities to keep you busy year round. Skiing, boarding, tubing, biking and the list goes on. At the base of the gondola is a large hotel with an indoor water park and lots to see in the town. Up on top is the regions best lift access bike park and the view of silver valley is enough to make you want to stay. 

I could write pages and pages of things to do, but like I said- it’s a small list. Hope you chose to stay in our beautiful, wild wonderland for your summer fun! We’d love to hear about your staycation. Feel free to share photos too!

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